Saturation Dive System LARS for Well-Safe

Caley Ocean Systems recently designed, manufactured and delivered an all-electric Saturation (SAT) Diving Launch and Recovery System (LARS) to Well-Safe Solutions, read about the project here…

Our Customer

Well-Safe Solutions provides a groundbreaking approach to the safe and cost-efficient decommissioning of on and offshore wells. Bringing together a wealth of decommissioning oil and gas expertise and experience with dedicated bespoke marine and land-based assets and equipment, Well-Safe is the first-of-its-kind Tier 1 company offering the complete plug and abandonment (P&A) capability.

Customer Requirement

Well-Safe purchased the Well-Safe Guardian in 2019; a bespoke well decommissioning unit with smart well intervention system and dive spread capabilities off the coast of Northern Scotland. Following a scope of work to overhaul, modernise and upgrade the platform, Well-Safe identified a requirement for a state-of-the-art all-electric SAT Diving LARS.

Well-Safe approached Caley to design and manufacture a smart SAT Diving LARS able to deploy a 12-person saturation diving system from the Well-Safe Guardian.

Technical Solution

Drawing on their decades of LARS design experience, Caley delivered a complete system which included:

  • 3 x main lift winches all with twin redundant electric motor gearbox sets and fully dynamic electrically operated failsafe brake systems.
  • 1 x main umbilical winch with twin redundant electric motor gearbox sets and brakes, with automatic control and operator variable tension to allow effective umbilical management.
  • Umbilical right angled level wind to manage the umbilical and allow a compact system footprint whilst ensuring safe management of the main bell umbilical which is electrically driven.
  • Passive Cursor system with 2 x electric drive cursor winches to stabilise the bell.
  • Caley control system including local control console with HMI and single joystick operation for the complete system and remote pendant for secondary control.
  • Electrically actuated bell supports.
  • Control of the electrically driven transfer under pressure (TUP) clamp and linear actuators for the telescopic TUP.
  • Fully approved by Lloyds to class requirements.
  • IMCA compliant

The system includes twin drive systems with the architecture configured to maximise the redundancy.

The Caley triple winch system configured with fully redundant drive architecture provides multiple levels of redundancy above industry requirements for both Lloyds and IMCA to ensure safe diving operations and recovery of the divers. Caley have delivered over 25 saturation diving LARS over the years including conventional hydraulic, electric, and triple winch systems. This triple winch system is the latest evolution (where all components are fully electric) for the diving industry, where Caley strive to offer effective engineering systems providing multiple levels of redundancy, intuitive operator controls, easy maintenance and robust in design.

The full system is designed in house, including mechanical & electrical design and software development and then assembled and tested by Caley, providing a truly full turnkey service. The control and integration of all the winches is automated, and the intuitive operator control allows the Bell to be launched and recovered using a single joystick and HMI.

Customer Testimonial

Neil Ferguson, Operations Director at Well-Safe Solutions, added: “Safe and efficient completion of well decommissioning operations are of paramount importance to Well-Safe Solutions. Caley’s expertise and strong track record in this field will have a tangible positive effect on the capabilities of the Well-Safe Guardian. Their engineering team delivered a technically-superior solution with clear operational benefits for our clients.”

3D render of an oil rig platform with a launch and recovery system on top
3D Render of the SAT Diving LARS in Situ on the Well Safe Guardian


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