Caley Linear Cable Engine for Telecoms Cable Lay

Caley Ocean Systems, has developed a high speed linear cable engine (LCE) for telecoms cable laying. Operating at speeds up to 10 knots, the fully containerised Caley LCE provides complete control of deployment of telecoms cable and repeaters.

Caley offers a range of linear cable engines optimised for laying and recovering a wide variety of cable types. The engine is assembled within a customised and fully CSC certified 20ft ISO container, with curtain access to the sides and doors at either end to allow easy cable throughput. The LCE includes a built-in hydraulic power pack and Caley designed touch screen controls. It can be used on either a standalone basis or in series to handle the extra loads when deploying cable in deepwater.

With cable pay-out speeds up to 10 knots (5m/sec), the Caley LCE can handle cable diameters from 16mm to 50mm and repeaters up to 450mm. Designed for deployment offshore for extended periods, the Caley LCE is a robust construction with low maintenance requirements.

“The Caley LCE is an extremely efficient way of deploying small diameter cable at speed,” says Gregor McPherson, sales director, Caley Ocean Systems. “We’ve fine-tuned the LCE’s control system and choice of pneumatic tyre to maximise the pay-out for both cable and the much larger receivers.”


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